Frequently Asked Questions

Is nbn available in my area yet and when do I need it by?

You can check to see if your address is ready on the nbn co. website. It is not available in all areas or premises yet. The goal of the nbn network is to connect homes and businesses by 2020. See the nbn website for your area’s disconnection date.

Check your nbn availability on the nbn co website

Do I have to get connected to the nbn?

In order to be provided with fast, reliable internet speeds, yes. The nbn network uses a range of technologies such as fibre-optic cabling and existing copper lines and fixed wireless to deliver your access to fast and reliable internet to your home or business.

Are there any activation or additional set-up fees with Commworx?

There are no hidden set-up or installation fees. In some new developments, the nbn co. may charge $300 to connect your premises to the nbn™ network. But speak with one of our sales representatives today to get the nbn co. fee waived.

How do I know I will be receiving a reliable nbn internet speed?

NBN speeds will be slower and can vary for a number of reasons including the distance you are to the exchange, your current infrastructure, and the number of users. These factors are not associated with Commworx or any other provider. They are factors needed to be taken into consideration when selecting your nbn speed.

What do I need to do?

Contact Commworx today to order the nbn network services with little to no downtime, as smoothly and easily as possible. You can speak with a friendly sales representative to discuss the right nbn plan for you.