Level 2 Licensed Electricians

Commworx are afully licensed and accredited level 2 service provider for Ausgrid (ASP). Our level 2 licensed electricians can connect commercial, industrial, residential and other premises to and from main power supply.

Elevated Work (EWP)

We are able to perform elevated work around power poles. The Commworx fleet includes elevated work platforms (EWP) to conduct various EWP services.

Certification & Accreditation

  • Ausgrid Accredited Service Provider (Level 2)
  • NULCA Accredited

Non Destructive Excavation

We provide non-destructive excavation which allows us to excavate without fear of damaging nearby service lines or the environment. Commworx employ our own hydrovac truck to perform non-destructive excavation and if a service line is uncovered while excavating, no harm is done.

Commworx are also environmentally aware. The nature of non destructive excavation allows us to dig safely around the roots of protected trees without damaging the tree.

Service Locating

Commworx are a NULCA accredited service locator. Using non-destructive methods to locate existing service infrastructure such as underground mains water pipes, optic fibre cabling, sewer pipes and more.