Commworx have assisted with the NBN rollout for the past 5 years, working throughout NSW and Queensland. Commworx have trained and maintained resources to cover the diverse technologies in this space.

Cable Hauling/Installation

The Commworx hauling fleet includes large hauling trucks/trailers and mechanical winches for large hauls. Our staff are experienced in hauling in new green field sites along with pipe proving and hauling through existing infrastructure both Copper and Fibre.

Non-Destructive Excavation

Commworx utilise our own hyrdovac trucks. This is a non-destructive technique giving us the ability to dig or excavate without fear of damaging existing service lines or the environment.

Pit & Pipe

In order to deliver the NBN to new developments of SDUs, MDUs or commercial property we provide full pit and pipe services. We are able to prepare these new developments for the installation of new conduits and fibre cables. Commworx also has it's Asbestos removal licence to enable removal of old existing pits.


Commworx have a team of experienced telecommunications technicians. This includes Copper jointers and fibre splicers. Working across multiple projects including NBN, Rail and Road infrastructure jobs.

Traffic Management

In case work on telecommunication lines involves roads or will be affecting traffic, Commworx is able to provide suitable traffic management to ensure traffic remains safe.

Pipe Proving & Rod/Roping

An essential part of rod/roping, pipe proving ensures the existing conduit is suitable for being fed with new cables. The process involves testing the pipe capacity is large enough to accommodate the new cables planned to be hauled through. Where possible if a blockage is found our crew have the skills to locate and repair the conduit to enable hauling.