Electrical Services

RSG provides a number of specialist services within its Electrical and Instrumentation division. We can provide experienced teams to take a project from the early design phase through to construction completion, commissioning and handover to client and operations. Specialising in E&I installations, quality assurance, completions and commissioning we are a one stop shop for any service required.

·      Experienced Engineering and design personnel

·      Procurement services

·      Preservation services

·      Instrumentation installation and calibration

·      Electrical and Instrumentation commissioning and integration

·      Operations and maintenance

·      Maintenance planning and strategy development

·      Shutdown support services

·      Electrical and Instrumentation technical support

Our areas of expertise are:

·      Electrical installations in all industries (See Electrical Installations Page)

·      Project QA and completions setup and strategy (See Completions Page)

·      High Voltage commissioning (See HV Commissioning Page)

·      High Voltage operations and maintenance (See High Voltage Operations Page)

·      Hazardous area inspection teams (See Hazardous Area Page)

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