Commworx services Infrastructure Utilities, Aviation, Rail, and Road Sectors

Key Differentiators

Commworx prides itself on supplying the best personnel and state of the art plant and equipment to service our client’s projects. Commworx primarily services the Telecommunication, Rail, Aviation, Water and Wastewater, Infrastructure, Renewable, Defense and Power industries. We look to Automation where possible, to increase productivity with a focus on HSEQ. Commworx’s goal is to free our client's staff from engaging with multiple contracting authority fronts and act as one integrated solution on the project.


Whether it be the approach for design, engineering or commissioning a project, the correct methodology is imperative for effective project delivery.

Cohesive Approach

Our dedicated Operations Manager for your project will provide clear objectives and targets, in line with stakeholders to ensure project outcomes are in line with expectations.

Continuous Improvement

Insights into the operations and performance of the workforce are critical to support the continual improvement that is required for a successful delivery.

Plant & Equipment

Selecting the appropriate plant or combination of equipment and technologies is critical in delivering the results our clients want to achieve.

The Right People

A rigorous recruitment and selection assessment methodology that identifies and qualifies the most suitable people for our client’s projects.

Certified IMS

Our ISO certified systems guarantee a consistent result for all projects we undertake.