Commworx is an authorised Provider for the NBN Rollout across Australia, as a Delivery Partner with Downer for the past 5 years, Commworx has the proven experience and capability to manage large scale projects in the Telecommunications sector, providing a complete turnkey solution for all Telecommunications projects.

Commworx provides a number of specialist services within the Telecommunications space. Our experienced teams manage all aspects of the project life cycle, from project initiation, through planning and design, execution and construction to project closure and into Service.

Specialising in Engineering a solution to meeting the Client’s needs, some of these solutions include:

- Procurement services

- Integrated Engineering solutions

- Manage relationships and communications with project stakeholders, including customers and delivery teams and into Service

- Preservation services

- Skilled Certified Fibre Splicers and Copper Joiners

- Skilled workforce and Tradespeople

- Industry-specific Plant and Equipment

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